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What Makes a Project a Success?

It’s as much about the experience as the result.

Some homeowners have asked: How does a builder know when a project has been a success? Well, there’s good news—the answer to this question is one of the things that defines a great builder.

To a professional, every successful project crosses the finish line with three outcomes. First, the owners are thrilled with their new home; second, they walk away with good memories of the builder and the project and remain confident their builder will be there if they should need them; and third, they are eager to recommend the builder to friends, family, and colleagues.

While homeowners tend to focus on quality and budget, professional builders work to ensure that the clients’ experience is a good one, striving to minimize stress and eliminate surprises. Their business processes and communication protocols are engineered to do just that.

This effort starts during initial meetings, where the builder helps clarify the homeowners’ vision and creates a project concept that satisfies that vision. It continues during pre-construction and design, where plans and specifications become the first tangible rendering of that vision. It includes a contract that eliminates surprises and clearly defines everyone’s roles and responsibilities. The time invested during this planning stage is the foundation of a successful project and satisfied homeowners.

A successful project isn’t without occasional unforeseen problems or errors—from a defective product that has to be returned to an early winter hitting before the house is fully weather tight. The professional owns these problems, makes sure the clients understand how they will impact the schedule, and corrects them where necessary.

The common threads throughout the project are solid business processes, great service, and excellent communication. Builders at the top of their game have gotten there because they are skilled managers and good communicators. They understand how to listen to their clients’ needs, hopes, and concerns. And they know how to work with the homeowners to address them. This includes weekly emails, including project photos, and regular meetings where clients are kept up to date about exactly what’s going on and what’s about to happen.

Professional custom builders understand that their success depends on super-satisfied clients! The most powerful advertising is a referral from a delighted homeowner. Builders work hard to raise their referral rate high above the industry average. This requires top quality work and strong, trusting relationships with their clients. It’s a finish where everyone wins.


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