Colleague Testimonials

From Restoration Hardware’s Stephen Gordon, Founder, Former Chairman, & CEO:

“I was fortunate to be invited to tour six John Brink homes a year ago. I was incredibly impressed with the level of craftsmanship, detail, and the more than apparent passion for nothing less than the highest of quality. As founder of Restoration Hardware and the company’s CEO for years I was involved in literally hundreds of high quality projects and it was therefore fairly easy to discern that the fabulous properties I toured didn’t happen by accident…… John’s umpteen years of experience and obsessive commitment were at the heart of these remarkable homes.”


From Tom Bruno, a well-respected realtor with Oliver Luxury Real Estate:

“I have known John Brink for many years and he has an outstanding reputation as being a quality contractor who produces a product which his clients take pride in. Quality comes at a slightly higher price, but he is well worth it. In our challenging economic times, John has been very flexible and has been able to weather the storm by adapting his business model to suit the times. I would recommend John without hesitation.”


From Jim Borelli, AIA, Lake Tahoe Architect:

“I have had the pleasure of working with John Brink on several projects during the past 30 years and I have always found him to be an excellent problem solver. John enjoys the collaborative, team approach to the construction process and he excels at finding innovative solutions that address the architectural, structural as well as budgetary demands of the project. Additionally, John’s commitment to quality and attention to detail results in a finished product that is second to none.”


From Jim Murphy, owner of J-M-A, a highly successful construction company based in Santa Rosa:

“I have known John Brink for a number of years and am very comfortable recommending him for any new or remodeled high end project. His firm builds a fantastic home and the attention to detail is second to none. John also stays up with all the current products and technology. He is very open in all his dealings with a high level of integrity. It would be hard to find a better firm.”


From Scott Corridan, Owner Scott Corridan Design In Napa and Tahoe:

“John Brink and his team are the sort of accomplished professionals in the design and building industry I yearn for… collaborative, partnering, excelling. John truly embraces the key ingredient of partnering within the Design/Build team and with the Client. No project is ever successful when one single individual or ego takes the charge. The most successful construction projects are those built by a team. I always look forward to John’s thoughtfulness, suggestions, critiques and offerings of a better path forward, often times at a cost savings to the project. These are all the reasons why a Brink Custom Home is everything that it is. It's an honor to know John and to work with his team. I would invite anyone inquiring about Brink Custom Homes to do exactly the same.”


From Louis Woods, Gabbart & Woods, Structural Engineers:

“I am gladly writing this letter as a whole- hearted recommendation for John Brink Construction.

John Brink and I have worked on building projects together since 1979, and I have hired John and his team to work on my own home.

John believes, as I do, that it is immensely helpful to bring the design and construction team members together early in the design process for collaboration. This allows for a coordinated effort with constant builder feedback as the design moves forward. John and his team excel at implementing this process.

I have worked on dozens of major projects with John Brink Construction over the years. I have observed that they emphasize uncompromising quality of construction and excellent communication with their clients. This type of leadership benefits the entire team as it leads to successful projects for all. We are grateful to John and his team for all the great projects together over the years!”